This Champagne house was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug and has a reputation as one of finest producers.  Unlike most houses that produce wines at different quality tiers, Krug only makes prestige cuvees.  All base wines are fermented in 205-liter oak barrels, and each parcel is vinified separately.  Krug is known for their extensive library of reserve wines and their complex blending.  The produce the following wines:

Krug Vintage Brut

Made from all three Champagne grapes.  This wine sits along side the likes of Dom Perignon and Cristal as one of the finest vintage Champagnes.  The 2002 vintage is considered to be one of the greatest Champagnes every produced.

Krug Grande Cuvee

This is non-vintage wine.  It is their most complex wine which has been blended with up to 200 different base wines from 7-10 vintages.  A substantial amount of reserve wine is included, which can account for up to half of the blend.  Since the Grand Cuvee was first released, it has been given a sequential edition number.  The current release is the 168eme Edition.

Clos du Mesnil

Ironically, since Krug is famous for blending, they produced one of the first single-vineyard Champagnes in 1979.  It is a blanc de blanc made from 100% Chardonnay.  The Clos du Mesnil a very rare and highly collectible wine that comes from a 1.84 hectare walled off plot.  The 2002 vintage is considered to be one of the finest Champagnes ever created.

Krug Clos d'Ambonnay

This is a single-vineyard blanc de noir made from 100% Pinot Noir.  It is also very rare and produced from a tiny walled plot of 0.68 hectares.  

Krug Collection

A very limited number of bottles of each Krug Vintage are kept in the Krug cellars under ideal conditions.  They are regularly tasted and eventually get a second life as Krug Collection.  For example, the most recent Krug Collection to be released is the 1990 vintage.

Krug Rose

This is a relatively recent addition to the house.  It is a non-vintage wine, though  not as complex as the Grande Cuvee.  It is the lightest and most discreet of the range.  The Rose is also numbered by editions, with the most current release being the 24eme Edition.

On the back of every bottle is a Krug iD code.  You can input this number into their website or app to get detailed information about the wine, along with music pairing suggestions.